Monday, May 17, 2010

Group Photo: October 2009

This is our first professional group portrait, taken September 2009 and posted in our performance pamphlets starting October 2009 until now. I'm afraid this is a little dated so hopefully we will be able to take another portrait soon. The members in this photo are Alice H., Gahee S., Pil J., Lisa J., Eun H., Sally H., Yong L., Hae Y., Deok K., and Caroline J.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Hello and welcome to SelahArt Group's first blogspot! This will be our go-to website for the time being for updates, pictures, contact information; we will even start posting our performances on here as well so expect marvelous things to come!!!
SelahArt is a student run group for the arts; this includes music, dance, and visual arts. Though we like to specialize in all things related to art, we focus on the Korean Traditional Arts as we learn and perform many dances and songs from amazing teachers from Korea. Another reason we focus on the Korean Tradtional Arts is because we are all international students from Korea! Most of us have been in the states for quite some time now and somewhere along the years we noticed that as we continued to study in America, it became very difficult for us to hold onto our ethnic upraising and culture.
Our "mom" sought to change this fact and help us hold onto what little culture we knew of and created a place where we could all learn about the histories and cultures of our motherland.
This is how SelahArt was created. SelahArt began in a basement in Seattle and ended up in the garage of our home in Lancaster. Not a big step you say, that's where you're wrong. SelahArt has become a universal sensation! We have offers from Hollywood, Bollywood, even Lancaster Mennonite High School!
Though we are not a large "organization", we are contempt with our small community of supporters and family members who help us and watch over us as we continue to do what we love to do: perform while raising money for refugees and adoptee families.