Thursday, July 15, 2010

Camp Rice Pictures

Here are some pictures of SelahArt at Camp Rice.

Past Performances

Before we get too far into into the future, I'd like to wrap up 2009 as well as the first half of 2010 by giving you an overview of our performances and appearances. I will be uploading the videos to our performances later so keep an eye out for them!

November 7. 2009
"4th Korean American Foundation's National Convention/ Future Generation Leadership Conference" (Washington DC)

For the annual Korean American Leadership Convention hosted in Washington DC, Selahart was invited to perform during the Leadership Conference and Awards Ceremony amongst the Philadelphia Youth Group Orcehstra.

November 21. 2009
"Performance at Lancaster Mennonite High School" (Lancaster, PA)

Selahart showed our Korean performances during Lancaster Mennonite High School's chapel hour.

December 10. 2009
"The Reese Project Radio Station Annual Holiday Concert" (Millersville, PA)

The Reese Project Radio Station at Millersville University hosted their annual Christmas Concert and Selahart was there to perform our Traditional Korean Dances.

March 21. 2010
"Selahart Performance: Food & Dance" (Lancaster, PA)

For Lancaster Mennonite High School's annual funraiser auction, Selahart auctioned off our Korean Traditional Performance, complete with a homecooked Korean buffet-style meal (courtesy of mom) to a very generous bidder (or bidders). The outcome: this performance at the James Street Mennonite Church in Lancaster, PA.
For this performance, four Korean-adoptee families gathered together to buy our Korean Traditional Performance and meal for their wonderful children. A total of 114 people came out to this heartfelt performance.

May 22. 2010
"Asian American Heritage Month" (Philadelphia, PA)

Held at Franklin Square in Philadelphia, PA, Selahart performed our Korean Traditional dances and songs.

May 31. 2010
"Performance at Harrisburg Korean Presbyterian Church" (Harrisburg, PA)

Selahart Performed at HKPC's annual summer outing.

June 12. 2010
"A Special Night of Music and Dance... Featuring Selahart Music and Dance Group" (Harrisburg, PA)

Held at the Harrisburg Korean Presbyterian Church, this performance was in honor of the KAAN (Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network) Conference in Hershey this coming July, 2010. We, Selahart, organized this performance to raise funds for the Network and raised $1000 that night. One hundred percent of all proceeds went towards the KAAN conference.

June 19. 2010
"2010 Korea Friendship Night" (Bethesda, MD)
ASIA (All Services for International Adoptees and Adoptive Families, Inc.) is an adoptee/ adoptive family organization aiding and supporting those families.
This friendship night was hosted by ASIA and helped raise money for the Korean culture camp in July, "Camp Rice".
Please check out ASIA's website and support this wonderful organization!

July 3. 2010
"The Harrisburg Jazz and Multi-Cultural Festival" (Harrisburg, PA)

Selahart performed alongside The Chinese Cultural and Arts Institute (CCAI) at this festival.

July 8-11. 2010
"Camp Rice hosted by ASIA" (Middleburg, VA)

ASIA (All Services for International Adoptees and Adoptive Families, Inc.) hosted their first annual "Camp Rice", a camp for adoptees and adoptive families to come learn about their heritage and cultures.
The members of Selahart were there to participate, volunteer, and teach Korean traditional instruments such as the 가야금 (ga-ya-geum), a zither-like instrument, and the 장구 (jang-gu), an hour-glass shaped, two-headed drum. We also performed our dances and songs throughout the camp.